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Video Genesis An Early Impartial Review

By Steve Zones

Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins have joined together the first time to bring their clients and someone else who wishes to use online video marketing in their business a whole new tool that they promise can change the way things are done in the industry. Those are bold statements so the real question is, can Video Genesis back them up? That is the issue this review will attempt to cope with based on what is known about Video Genesis, its launch date, launch activities and the creators themselves. Both Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins are typically in business for several years and each independently enjoys a reputation free of blemish. Independently they're noted for delivering top quality content and educational products for their students and together they have strived to offer the same on this shared project.

Video Genesis will include training on such things as the 13 different styles of video marketing, how to create the right message and even what to say during various parts of the video. Basically, the creators sat down and thought about everything needed to pull off a fantastic video and then created a structured way to explain the full process to students along with precise instructions. They have ensured the product does not overwhelm the student with too much useless, filler information and focuses on the hard fact and good training necessary if someone wants to really be a success with their video marketing efforts.

This product launch date is surprisingly during the Fourth of July weekend that's both gutsy and risky for the creators. It speaks without saying a word that the team plainly has complete confidence in the work they have produced. Some other freebie facts are pre and post of good and bad videos and discussions on the way to avoid one and increase the other. Another demonstration of the type of training to become included is the conversation of the 34 things not to do when making a marketing video.

According to the creators, when they first envisioned this training system they thought of it as a guidebook. For example, Andy Jenkins speaks of cinematographers and their having a guidebook that provided catch general but relevant information that was critical to crafting a quality video. The spirit of that is also in Video Genesis.

It is organized and structured to provide the most effective video training on the market and should become the gold standard by which all other video marketing systems to follow are measured against. With so much anticipation and so much involved with a successful launch, is it any wonder all the stops are being pulled out to make sure Video Genesis has the best one it can.

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