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Tips On Vintage Pottery Collecting

By Lila Barry

For a dazzling piece the mind predates is sometimes beyond a person's inherent ability, collecting becomes the critical juncture of an enthusiast who fails to create what his mind conceives. Like the hand painted Redwing pottery. As dainty as this ceramic art is, only a fraction in the world is able to create a perfect epitome of their clay-based masterpiece. And, somewhere in Minnesota lies the key market player in the American pottery industry, the city named Red Wing.

Established around the 1870s, Red Wing was then the center of the production of stoneware and dinnerware items. With the impressive finishing touches of these ceramic pieces, ordinary items manufactured in the city rose to fame while they became priceless collectibles that year forward. Now, several of avid collectors look for something that perfectly fill in the vintage collections they seem to lack.

Finding great antique collections is not easy. Fake replicas are hawked everywhere. It needs a censorious eye to detect an original and a porcelain emblem with the company name but is simply not. With the elaborate work of a copycat, believe it or not, even veteran collectors sometimes get fooled. But whether or not you are searching for a vintage pottery, these meaningful tips can help you get started.

Study the bare facts. Ceramics of Red Wing are distinguishable through the distinct house-marks they have. These can be a stamp or a logo found at the bottom. The pottery groups of the city are regrouped into four with their own house-marks. You, therefore, need to learn about these in order to make this search less daunting.

Consider buying a Red Wing collector's guide. Reading and browsing relative articles help collectors understand the do's and don'ts. However, it is a bit wiser to have a reference book that the industry recognizes. This can make the search less taxing for sure. Most local bookstores have this. You may also browse over online bookshops for this.

Ask the experts. The Red Wing Collectors Society can help other collectors identify the right shop to look for not just in the city but also in other regions. A quick personal chat with a member enables a collector to track down antiquities good enough for his budget.

Contact reliable dealers. Having identified the right places to look around through the RWCS member, never wait until the next day to call these up for further inquiries. You may never be able to get the items you want if you procrastinate.

Go to esteemed auction houses. You may check with the auctioneers whether or not they have certificates of authenticity prior to the date of the auctions to make sure your efforts and money will never be wasted at the end of the day.

Attend antique shows. Some non-profit organizations run collectible shows every month. A Redwing pottery piece is assumed part of most estate auctions or antique shows. Just do necessary digging so as to find out if such item is available indeed.

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