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A Self-Defense Gadget Every Girl Can Use

By Cathy A Poolie

My pal, Sandra, believes the best pepper spray for females is one so well masked it almost always catches an enemy off-guard. In her case, this is a lipstick pepper spray, which she has used with great results. The oz. containers provide 20 one-second bursts that are just as useful as from bigger-sized self-defense sprays.

I understand defense sprays are well-known as they are non-fatal and need no direct contact. Sandra's camouflaged self defense spray possesses a range of ten feet. The effects are fast but short-term. As soon as they wear away, they leave no irreversible damage.

The immediate reaction of a self defense spray target is the shutting of the eyes because of puffy blood vessels. This is followed by an unpleasant, burning experience onto the skin. In the event that you happen to take in two to three seconds of spray, add gagging or choking to those.

Athena is an online pal and another self defense spray advocate. She has a tiny defense spray for easy handling. Her own oz. 10% self defense spray with colored leatherette holster packs a wallop with a potent oleoresin capsicum concentration.

This indicates intense effects even from several bursts. Hers is a potent pepper spray which can incapacitate an attacker speedily. Attached to a bag or belt loop, the spray is within easy reach. A tip from Athena is to train pulling your own pepper spray from its holster.

I was clueless that my very own cousin, Beverly, had run into a few muggers in California. Her experiences made her confident regarding packing a big self defense spray. The 4 oz. flip top actuator defense spray stream she carries is an 18 percent pepper spray.

Still, this hot self defense spray can be concealed in the hand in order that the opponent isn't aware you are prepared for him or anybody out to harm you. It's got 18 to 20 one-second bursts, and gets results 15 feet away. As soon as he's down, escape immediately.

I'm now thinking the best pepper spray for girls is one that is the most at ease for them to utilize.

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