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The Personal Defense Gadget That Is Best For You

By Quintin A Shapper

For Brody, the perfect pepper spray is one which fits well inside his own hand, making it less difficult to fire at an enemy. Another criterion is the pepper solution's intensity for stopping the aggressor fast even with a brief burst.

I am aware he has tried out numerous defense sprays. For the time being, my friend has a 1.5 oz. 18 percent defense spray, with an 18% concentration being the hottest of available hot self defense sprays. That is a rating of 3 million Scoville heat units for very intensive effects.

Not just will self defense spray, which is non-lethal, inflame the optical blood vessels for a while to cause the eyes to shut, this will likewise cause an agonizing burning sensation on the skin. As it permeates swiftly into skin, coughing fits is going to follow. All these are momentary effects, and will leave no irreversible injury.

My uncle in Florida went one step further, and prefers a 2 oz. pepper gel. It is defense spray in gel form. Its edge is that gel sticks like adhesive when this comes into contact with the skin.

Try rubbing this off, and the pepper goes through the pores a lot quicker. And considering that uncle's also possesses an 18% formulation making use of fine pepper, the effect is a lot more intense, particularly the pain. You may be as far as ten feet away, and this is going to hit the target.

Uncle Barney has one inside his own truck because it works well even in confined spaces given that pepper spray gel results in no over-spray.

For the women, lipstick self defense spray continues to be a favorite. It is a well-disguised pepper spray that almost always catches the opponent off-guard. I heard a cop state ladies who reported incidents where they had escaped assailants got away because of this very weapon.

I guess the ideal pepper spray really depends upon who's using it. It may be of a strong or mild solution, or a large or small size, so long as it can get you out of dangerous situations.

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