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Defeating An Attacker Even Without Using Fighting Skills

By Jimbo M Lesneyy

From the various personal defense items available on the market, self defense sprays are among the most widely used. Like many users, I like the fact that they do not need direct contact with the opponent to be able to work. Obviously, the big plus is making use of a tool which can immobilize somebody however is non-deadly and will not leave long-term injury.

Even the harmless-looking lipstick pepper spray can knock an aggressor down with a two-second burst. My pal, Natalie, described the results this way: as soon as the spray reaches the face, the eyes slam shut and the target yelps in pain as his own skin burns up.

With a strong pepper spray, or one with higher pepper concentration, respiration is constricted and the assailant gags. The results can last up to 45 minutes, that is more than enough time to get away or call for help.

One more disguised pepper spray is a favorite of Elise, a oz. perfume shaped pink heart 15% self defense spray. Elise has relocated to another state in which it is much more important to possess some defensive device.

Elise told me the greater the oleoresin capsicum concentration, the hotter the spray. Even with short bursts, count on extreme effects which will definitely disable your assailant.

The element of surprise often catches a bad guy off guard. She's been successful at stopping harm or injury using her perfume self defense spray.

My very first personal protection tool is a pepper pen. It is hassle-free to carry in my pocket or handbag, and quickly hidden whenever inside my own hand, yet this packs a wallop. I've viewed a target fell down because of a coughing fit and burning feeling on his own skin.

Protecting oneself against the big, bad world doesn't imply having to learn to fight. Self defense tools are enough to offer you self-confidence in potentially unsafe situations. Just learn to utilize them appropriately so you will not be left a statistic.

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