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How You Can Defeat Your Opponent Before He Can Injure You

By Chass A Ewing

Whenever utilizing a non-lethal personal defense device such as a stun gun, the rule is to repel your assailant or immobilize him and then escape. "Don't play hero," Office Craig shared with us in the audience of a security forum. And just before inquiring regarding the best stun guns around, figure out if you have the courage to make use of one as soon as needed.

Stun gadgets work during immediate contact. Once you get near enough to your assailant, you can stick a straight 100,000 volts stun weapon towards his body and have this take effect. The body responds in many ways when electric charge is dumped straight into the system, although these responses are temporary, as well as not life-threatening.

It may be a low voltage stun gun with mild effects, but brief paralysis, pain coursing throughout the body, and also confusion, all from 2 to 3 seconds of usage, can be very daunting.

Females are often urged to provide themselves with camouflaged stun weapons in order to throw assailants off that think ladies will be completely weak. My cousin, Jenna, carries a 4.5 million volt mobile phone stun weapon. It has felled multiple robber in 3 months.

This high voltage stun weapon appears harmless until powerful electric charge runs through the target's body and also knocks him down. He will lose muscle control and also equilibrium quickly. The stun device is designed like a camera cell phone but works like nothing like one.

My good friend, Frida, got a rechargeable fashion stun weapon with light, in a woods design. It lights her path during short walks home in the evening. On many occasion, the bright LED light coming from the flashlight stun device has blinded a mugger, providing Frida access to zapping him.

Exactly the size of a very thin electrical shaver, this little stun weapon had the criminals yelping in pain and then dropping when they lost their balance soon after 3.5 million volts moved through their body.

What the best stun guns are truly depends upon the user and how effectively he can make use of his weapon during emergencies.

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