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The Best Way To Make Night Strolls Risk-Free For Dogs

By Jean C Furjiuele

I slammed on the breaks when I noticed a red light streak ahead of the car. My heart was thumping as I went out to be able to check what it was. I then heard somebody calling out, "Freddie! Freddie!" There, hunkered on the sidewalk, was Freddie, his own tongue hanging out. The moment he heard his own name, Freddie gave a loud bark.

Michelle, his mistress, was grateful to have found her pet dog free from danger. Freddie, in his excitement, managed to break free from his leash and also flee. It was a great thing he got a pet safety light on, that alerted me to him.

The Pet Blinkie is a waterproof light that can be connected to a pet's collar, leash or harness. Freddie is lively, and needs several lessons at obedience school. He has a tendency of running off prior to Michelle gets a stable grip on his own leash.

The first time he used the safety light during a night walk, Michelle mentioned this was connected to Freddie's leash. Sad to say, the leash was not correctly affixed to the collar, and he broke free, leaving leash and light behind.

Nothing unfortunate took place, but it was a lot of running and also calling out to get Freddie back. Michelle has ever since learned her lesson and started out abiding the safety light to Freddie's collar.

I became enthusiastic about Pet Blinkies since my very own nephew also has a small, frisky dog that could utilize one. Jobo at one time dropped into a pit right after running off within the park. Dennis, my own nephew, just did not quit until they discovered him whimpering.

A safety light could have been a big help considering that its blinking light is seen coming from 1 / 2 mile out. I also remember the moment Jobo was virtually hit by a car as he was running after a frog at the other side of the street.

In 3 radiant colors to pick from, a pet safety light can help you appreciate night walks with pets knowing they've got some kind of protection.

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