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Make Your Blog Pay You

By Petagaye Reid

Just think about last but not least being able to pay your bills along with you blog?

That seems fantastic doesn't this? The cruel the truth is that most folks produce a blog with high anticipation and also wind up disappointed once we don't have the final results we need.

The harsh reality is that most of us create a blog with high expectations and end up disappointed when we don't get the results that we want. The truth is that there is more to blogging than just writing a blog post believe me 'A LOT MORE'. If you want to make money from your blog you will have to learn some techniques and develop skills.

One technique that most people use is to follow what the top bloggers are doing which is pretty smart. Why reinvent the system if there is one that is working perfectly? Although this is a great technique it might be hard for someone who is new to blogging. This is because it makes no sense to copy a system that you don't understand. Which might cause you to lose more money?

So I have created a small list that can help you to make money from your blogs.

Identify Your Niche: The first thing that you have to do is find a niche. Find a segment of the market that you want to target. You can use Google Keyword Tool to find out what people are searching for online. If you don't know how to use Google Keyword Tool just type these words in Google 'How do I use Google Keyword Tool' believe me this works like magic

Produce Great Content: The second thing is to develop fantastic written content your niche will probably be curious.

Blog Consistently: Another factor will be consistency. Have you ever watched a new TV program in which was once aired every day but all of a sudden this commences broadcasting inconsistently? Would you still observe which system as well as begin observing yet another software? Buy might commence viewing one more system. The idea here is that when an individual don't blog consistently you are going to shed your potential customers. Make sure you blog everyday. Whenever you blog constantly you are going to develop a romantic relationship along with believe in with your visitors.

Get traffic: The forth thing is to get traffic. Some sources where you can get traffic are google adwords, bing advertising, facebook, ebay and amazon. Some internet marketers use to find out which websites their niche are visiting and then run ads on those sites.

Create a list: The forth thing is to create a list. Make sure that you get the email addresses of persons who visit your blog. These persons will become your potential customers. You can do this by placing an opt in box on your blog. Aweber is a great software that does this.

Sell products to your niche: It now time to start making some money from your list. There are many affiliate programs online that you can earn commissions from such as empower network which gives you 100% commission, and amazon affiliates. All you have to do is to get your readers to buy these products.

Run ads on you blog: When you start getting a lot of traffic you can monetize this traffic by running ads on your site. You get paid whenever someone clicks on your ad. You can sign up for through Google Adsense. The final thing is to watch these training videos and learn from the experts.

The final thing is to watch these training videos and learn from the experts. That's basically it.

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