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How Ladies Can Shield Themselves During Long Travels

By Raemond R Torres

During my first pregnancy, my spouse and I made the decision to swap city life for the peaceful of the suburbs. We've got three children today, and the youngest just reached school age. I went back to work recently in order to augment the increasingly inadequate family income.

I had trouble with the hour-and-a-half drive towards my workplace. All my earlier jobs had been only very close to my own apartment. There had to be some means of self-defense for women traversing lengthy distances to return home coming from work.

A workmate said to try out defense spray. This is non-deadly. It paralyzes the wrongdoer for fifteen to forty five minutes to provide you an opportunity for escape and rescue. He'll pull through, with zero long-term damage received, as well as become fit to remain in prison.

What this does is constrict respiration while generating a terrible burning feeling on the skin as well as in the eyes. Potent pepper sprays, which Deva's defense spray is, further force your own eyes to fold, and make you choke as well as cough unrelentingly.

She is an enormous fan of small self defense sprays. I thought this is because these are no hassle to pocket, even within tight jeans or a small dress, and carry around. What I hadn't thought was that you can conceal one in your hand. Your attacker wouldn't see this coming.

A good example is key chain defense spray. You leave it suspended from a bag or belt, and seize this from there immediately whenever the time comes. That's superhero-speedy, if you ask me.

This Mace Personal Model Hot Pink 10% pepper spray (emphasis on hot pink!) is compact at 18 grams, outfitted with a flip-top safety top, finger-grip dispenser and key chain. The Mace 10% PepperGard defense spray can hurl 10 one-second bursts 8 to 12 feet away.

It does not hurt, also, that I was introduced to plenty of methods of self protection for women in the process of finding a tiny defense spray I could love. I can't cut the distance to my work location, however I can make this a whole lot less daunting.

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