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How You Can Counter Spies

By Jereld I Urban

"I think my house is bugged," Sandy whispered. My close friend is a little paranoid, but the look on his face told me he was not joking. For a few days, he had spotted the same person hanging around every time he got a discussion for a project under wraps. He got one particular intention this time around. It was to learn how to find covert video cameras at home and shake his shadow.

I understood enough that bug detectors were just what Sandy needed for this situation. They are counter-surveillance devices in which confirm the existence of covert cameras or microphones. In the event that he were bugged, it was most likely inside his particular car or place of work, but Sandy looked convinced the bug was placed inside his house.

It ought to be not so difficult to find using a lens finder bug detector. My cousin, Earl, stated this pocketsize bug locator he had found utilized both laser and also radio frequency to track surveillance video cameras or microphones. This could sense both wired and also wire free gizmos.

For visual detection, you could possibly switch to laser frequency mode. I told Sandy he just had to look over the specially focused viewing port. In the event that there was a covert camera within a 10-foot range, this would appear to flash red.

In case he preferred to utilize the radio frequency method for cord less cameras, he could change to the suitable mode and then sweep the suspected spot using the bug detector. There was a vibrate signal, with a LED indicator that went off when that tracked a bug.

Earl proposed an internet purchase. As soon as the bug finder was delivered, Sandy started to search for bugs in his apartment. Negative. He swept the area with it on RF setting, and got nothing. He made use of laser frequency, still to no avail.

I decided to test it within his vehicle. We almost danced at the vibration, plus the 4-LED-strong signal.

Sandy was on track in inquiring around how to find hidden cameras at home. I was correct that the bug was some other place.

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