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The Proper Way Of Tracking Your Children

By Odessa Edwards

Tracking your children can be daunting without the use of technology. Evidently some children tend to be creative in making excuses just to pursue their adventures. Giving them some cool gadgets or installing nifty applications on their digital toys will enable you to trace their whereabouts without annoying them. This is suitable for rambunctious toddlers and rebellious teens that often get themselves in trouble. However do not be so dependent on these tools. It still has limitations. Teaching the kids to be street smart is still the best defense you can offer them.

Have the habit of jotting down their schedule. Give them curfews and be firm about it. Provide them consequences in case they violate it. Never grew tired of explaining why you are implementing such rule. Use storybooks, news clips or tabloids for this ordeal. Having a visual aid will somehow instill the lessons you want to impart.

Take note of their extra-curricular activities. Coordinate with their teachers regularly to ensure that they are not just making excuses. Request a call whenever their schedule allow. Give them some curfew. Ask for some explanation in case they fail to conform. Pick them up after the activity to ensure that they are well.

Know their friends. Befriend their peers. Know them better. Collect their contact numbers or mingle with their parents. Win their trust and respect. This will give you an idea where your child usually hangs out or what activities he normally does. His friends and acquaintances can also spy for you in case you feel something is wrong. However do not make this so evident. He might secretly form a new crowd once he feels threatened.

Practice what you preach. Inform them about your schedule. Call them especially when you are running home late. Give them some explanation when they ask. Observing such practice will encourage them to do the same.

Spend some time with your child. Allow him to choose the activities for the day. Observe him silently. Note his preferences without throwing too many questions. Write it on a journal so you would not forget. This will give you an idea how to handle him in certain situations. However do not spoil them. Still impose limits.

Some culprits are hiding in Cyberspace thus it is ideal to familiarize yourself with this platform. Check their online activities. Note the time they used it to trace the site they visited. Lock any site that is not ideal for their use. Be part of their friends list so you can visit their profile periodically. However be less visible in this page. You do not want to scare them in opening another account.

Tracking your children is like playing chess. You need a strategy to block their moves. Kids will be kids. They will attempt to defy rules. Having the patience to know them better will enable you to understand them better. Talk to them like adults. Nagging them will only force them to hide secrets. Obviously no one likes long sermons.

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