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With Do It Yourself SEO You Take Control Of The Message

By Faith Lynch

Working on that website of yours makes something start to happen that will not happen unless you do have that site. Making the things happen that will get people to actually come and visit is another thing. The do it yourself SEO that can be accomplished will be those activities that will attract people.

This Search Engine Optimization or SEO is conducted on the web page. This is to attract the attention from the spider bots who might crawl your page to decide whether it is a good one or not. The off page activities will help to send the bots and people to your site. Both categories must be undertaken in a balanced way in order to get the best results for your offerings.

Since all of this attention is based on the keywords or phrases you have selected for your material, or niche, they must be targeted to get this attention. If they are targeted to the copy and the offering you are making, they can be considered for inclusion in the search engine results pages. If they do not, they simply will probably not be listed.

The first area that must be considered is the on page do it yourself SEO. This is not as fun as the off page, however, you are used to the HTML code by now. The page must be freed up of as much of the stuff that takes it longer to load than usual. The bots will notice how long it does take and human visitors will grow impatient with your site if this occurs all of the time.

The on page SEO is something that has to do with the coding of the HTML. The keywords need to be included in the domain name and within the body of copy. There should also be a lot of copy as the spider bots like this. The keywords must be included in the title of the page and also in the sub headings. These should also be in bold Header one and Header two style.

The SEO you do off page will be the most creative of all. There will a lot of writing. The writing of blogs and articles. Some of these articles will be posted on directories and some of them will be on other websites of a related nature. The forum postings will help others see your material as authoritative and the advertising sites will help attract attention in a more direct way.

All of the many search engines have certain mathematical computations conducted, called algorithms. These help them determine whether the websites they crawl are authoritative. Following those rules will help your website and breaking them will hurt your cause. Many books have been written and a lot of companies exist to help the average website owner follow these guidelines.

While beginning this do it yourself SEO, you will notice the time needed to get it all set up. You will see that it is not expensive, however, it can be a creative outlet for your imagination. It will also give you further insight into how the Internet works.

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