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Stone Cold's Problems With a Texas Collection Agency

By Rob Sutter

When you think about the most rebellious figures in professional wrestling, more likely than not "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is going to be high on the list, if not the number one pick. He's done so much to solidify his status as the biggest thorn in the side of millionaire mogul Vince McMahon. Their feud is one that will never be forgotten by wrestling fans during the late 90's. With him being such a rebel during his heyday, you have to be certain that he'd raise the ire of a Texas collection agency pretty quickly.

Before you say to me, "Steve is from Texas, too," just know that no dependable Texas collection agency shows favoritism towards any client or debtor. Debt collection authorities such as R.R.S. make certain that the most unbiased mindset is kept so that the best solution is found at the end of each case. This is partially while Austin wouldn't get a free pass, no matter how popular he is. Another reason why he'd have such difficulty is because Austin doesn't enjoy the company of businesses in general.

How many of Vince McMahon's belongings has Austin absolutely obliterated in the past? He's driven monster trucks over cars and even filled limousines with cements, so it doesn't seem like there's any limit to what he would do. Imagine McMahon hiring on a company in order to secure the debts from the Texas Rattlesnake himself. The multitude of destroyed cars wouldn't pay for themselves, after all.

Such an organization may even prevent Austin from attending these shows due to McMahon's influence. Austin may get a thrill out of dismissing authority in his own way but the rush of competing in the ring more than likely takes precedence over it. Austin may just have to restrain himself during his time in financial straits and this could be made even more difficult since McMahon is in charge of the payroll. The former champion may just land himself in an situation where he can't slither out like the rattlesnake he is.

I think that it's normal for debt collection companies to work alongside debtors, much like they do with clients, in order to find a sound resolution to any case. However, not every organization is reputable and there are crooked collectors who may border on abusive. McMahon, being the apprehensible businessman that he is, would employ such an entity in order to target the lone Austin. Those who strongly believe in Austin's strength and ability to overcome may just start to fear for him.

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