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Mistakes Of Web Developers

By Brown Young

Every web site is the brainchild of the web developer. Web developers, artists behind the codes, work behind the stage. They work silently, doing the best they can to build every website in its superb form. While many individuals perceive developers as the nerds and geeks who love their scripts, developers are just ordinary individuals who happen to have the ability to comprehend the complex language of the Web. In contrast to what many people think, developers are simple humans. Perhaps, one proof to this humane attribute is their propensity to commit mistakes.

Every so often, we see the birth of awful websites. These websites that are done in bad taste are those than can provoke site visitors to click on the back button and convince prospective customers to ignore the site's brand. Here are some development errors that can destroy a website in no time:

As the saying goes, too much of something is bad. This is what happens when online entrepreneurs count on flash. The problem for most individuals is that they think flash implementation will give their website added value. In most cases, this is not true. Flash is particularly apt for heavy audio visual material. If this isn't the focus of a certain website, then it's only logical to use scripts that are less heavy. Although Google is innovating ways on how to index Flash-based websites, text and navigation in HTML files remains the priority priority. Because flash technology makes it difficult for engine crawlers to index pages, a flash-based website may render bad site rankings.

Invalid code reduces the effectiveness of a website. A beautiful website is rendered rubbish when glitches such as character encoding mismatch errors, erroneous alt, id and class attributes, invalid html attributes all pop up. To get rid of inappropriate errors, validate and fix your code!

Creativity and meticulous craftsmanship must pervade the art of web development. Online business professionals and website owners, to enjoy robust websites, should employ the professional services of web design and SEO firms in Singapore. These web dev experts can offer the best seo service in Singapore, hence, they have the ability to make every web site rank well at the top of Google!

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