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Are People Victims or Instigators of a Collections Company?

By Rob Sutter

In the sea of several news stories I've come across in terms of debt collecting, the one about a disabled war veteran having his life compromised by a collector took me by surprise. This disabled gentleman was abused in the verbal sense along with the emotional sense since much of his belongings were taken. The collector broke many rules in the process but this is just one story. Should every collections company be looked at in a similar manner: as a cruel entity?

It cannot be totally argued that there are a couple of bad seeds in the debt collection industry; not every collections company will act morally. The rules can sometimes become belittled and, in this case, those who believe nothing can be done are able to act. Legal action can be carried out by these debtors if the companies indeed act in unlawful ways. When a debtor is contacted by a collector, who says they'll arrest him or her, that is a rule being broken and the more reputable companies like Rapid Recovery will cite this as one of the many rules to be followed.

Not every debtor is entirely innocent on the matter, however, and they bring much of the turmoil upon themselves. Sometimes, these men and women refuse to pay attention to a debt as it builds. My college buddy acted in a similar fashion and, as a result, allowed the student loan debt to pile on without any end point in sight. He was the grasshopper who failed to plan ahead, which shows that the debtors hold responsibility like the collectors do.

The story of the Ant and the Grasshopper fits quite well when it comes to student loans and how various students act upon them. I like to consider myself as the proverbial ant in a situation, planning ahead for the harsh winter, or the time that the first notice comes into the mail. The grasshopper, which dances and plays all day long, fails to prepare for the aforementioned winter and he ultimately fails to survive. I feel like these students won't be able to succeed in adulthood if they can't pay off this debt in a consistent manner.

It's hard to truly pin the blame on collectors. Yes, sometimes there are those who will disregard the rules and act on their own, but what about those whose job is it to pay off the debts? Some debtors will let payments pile on until it seems impossible to compensate, which is not a way to live. In an ideal world, no one would have to utilize money in these ways but the real world is the one we live in and we have to adhere to every guideline.

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