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What is C-Class Hosting?

By Martha Lorenzo

One of the most popular ways of ensuring the success of a website nowadays is C-Class hosting or SEO hosting. What was once a best kept secret of Search Engine Optimization is now very common to website owners who want to keep ahead of their competition in search-engine rankings. Before, web masters were contented with shared or the traditional hosting service, but after knowing the benefits of C-Class hosting, it became the top priority of people who are looking to make an impact online.

Unlike in a normal hosting service, C-Class Hosting has several SEO benefits like the following:

Unique C-Class IP Addresses for Each Domain

Unlike in a normal hosting service, SEO hosting provides unique IP address for each domain. This is the number one advantage of SEO hosting over the normal one. Because SEO hosting provides different IP, link juice benefits will be maximized. The major search engines like Google and Yahoo! tag backlinks as "no value link" if it is from a website of a similar IP address. This is because search engines treat domains with same IP address as website owned by a single owner only even if it is not. So if you have multiple website and you are planning to build a link network to dominate search-engine competition, choosing SEO hosting over the normal hosting service is the logical decision.

Different Nameservers for Each Website

Another advantage of getting SEO hosting is that each of your domains will have its own name server. The goal is to hide any online footprints to prevent search engines from determining that you own multiple websites. By leaving no footprints, search engines will have no reason to penalize all your websites and instead, each domain will have a good chance of getting high rankings.

Different rDNS Record for Each Website

No online footprints should be left in order to have the best chance of getting all your websites rank high in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo! Having unique rDNS record for each site will ensure that search engine won't track any online footprints.

SEO Experts Will Guide You Every Step of the Process

Companies that are offering SEO hosting service ensures great support from the minute you sign up. Setting up an account in this type of hosting is more complicated than that of the traditional one, but the process will be hassle-free with the help from SEO experts of the hosting company.

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