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3 Killer Product Creation Strategies To Get You Moving

By Conrad Ryles

People are very comfortable doing habit-forming activities, and not so geared toward innovative or new things. Most people are looking for the Holy Grail of online income, something that will magically produce their money. Both of those pursuits need to be maintained for the foolish and not very serious crowd. Instead, you should stop thinking in this manner, and condition yourself to process things more clearly. The best results tend to come from time-tested methods that are executed in a completely new way.

Still, there are some important guidelines you need to know about so you can do a good job of it. It is actually not that uncommon for people to do pre-selling for one reason or another. A lot of it has to do with an intuitive understanding of what the concept is. You should use this technique as much as you can because of what it can do for you.

Never try to sell anyone your products. That is the philosophy at the heart of what pre-selling is all about. The easiest thing to do is choose a very neutral approach to this. What you want to do is make your prospective client relaxed. The best way to do this is to come from a non-biased standpoint.

Now let's take a look at what you can do with an e-mail list if you are an affiliate marketer, using a time-tested strategy. Many people have product parties, something that has been done for decades in most communities worldwide. What you can do is make a video that is similar to the product review, but you market it to your list as a product party. All of the people should be sent the invitation, but limit the number of attendees that can actually see this video. You will create a feeling of scarcity by doing this. And cap it off with extra bonuses that people will want to receive.

Although this is similar to the video sales letter concept already discussed, this concept is related but different. In regard to this type of marketing, you are preselling instead of selling or writing a review. The presell video can also go out to your e-mail list for them to view. Even if people have been doing this for a decade or more, they probably have not seen an online marketing strategy like this. Preselling is the focus of this particular type of strategy. Finding out more about this topic is in your best interest if you want to do it in the most efficient and profitable way. So if you want to do this type of strategy, you need to learn about the concept of preselling prior to filming a single video. You need quite a bit of confidence and determination to succeed at affiliate marketing. Competition cannot be avoided in affiliate marketing, particularly in niches where there's any real money. You have to shift your point of view and realize that these niches are tough to crack because there's so much potential profit in them. And you can compete in them if you want; you just have to be a bit more clever about how you do it.

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