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How Google Can Respond on the Emerging Black Hat Techniques

By Shane Walker

There is news in the SEO market saying that inspite of the existence of Panda and Penguin changes, black hat SEO still finds out a method to get over the algorithmic alterations. Some internet experts say that the Panda and Penguin updates is in the risk of being out of date. Because of this, Google is now pressured to conduct instant action.

Some people in the search engine optimisation network were stunned when they learned that other high ranking sites do not have any credit license. These individuals also are puzzled on how black hat techniques are winning the fight towards Google.

The black hat community is beginning again to shape the pace. SEO experts are also in shock when they identified that numerous sites are operated by blog and link systems with hacked sites. These people achieve this by hacking a large network of indexed sites and prepare a script that enables them to put hundreds of exact match anchor links to the domain sites.

Just before using the domain of choice, they will carry out a test first on a dummy domain to discover its usefulness. The exact match anchor links will not be flooded in one time. They spread the links in a 1 or 2 week time period. Besides these techniques, other black hat SEO people play around the text-based codes of Google spiders.

It is obvious that Google engineers are very mindful with this people who are offering SEO services like this. This concern is most likely listed as one of their primary focal points by now. For some SEO consultants, implementing a manual policing across sites will definitely keep SEO people from adjusting the procedure. Manually looking at the backlink profiles, domain age, and other on-page and off-page factors will break such filthy strategies. This may be a wise course of action but the cost to make this program function may be too heavy for Google.

Google today is boosting the branding policy. They have a very promising future for the net society and people in the black hat SEO online community are hampering their great cause. But sooner or later, Google will still be in a position to catch their underground system.

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