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Why on Earth would someone work with a voice over artist

By Jeff Wenberg

Why on Earth would someone work with A Voice Over Artist? This is a thought I've observed repeatedly. Well there are plenty of different situations someone can select a voice over artist for. In this short article Allow me to list work that I've done in the course of my career that you potentially have never thought of at this point.

The most obvious one is undoubtedly to simply create a sound recording for an advertisement. That is the standard part people think of when I say to them I am a voice over artist. Although, it's not the only type of audio tracks I've created. I've completed everything from Telephone prompts and welcome messages for business phone systems to podcast introductions, and a narration to be used as an audio tour guide. Virtually ANYTHING that features a recorded voice with it needs a voice over artist to place it there.

Now lots of times I am used to record voice overs for marketing videos. Sales videos are extremely trendy on-line nowadays. As a growing number of folks are looking to make a living by promoting a variety of products on the internet they require a quality voice over to be the voice of the "sales person". That's where I step into the picture. I make the voice over for their sales content selling whichever item they are promoting at that time. They provide me their sales script then I record it and deliver it back to them. And then they sync my recording with their video to create a powerful sales video to market their most recent and best product or service. On occasion you'll see voice over artists like me that may do the video section at the same time. Whenever you do, you've just killed two birds with one stone.

Considering that I deal with the video side as well, frequently I'm chosen by buyers to create their products that they will be selling on their sites. Now I record their scripts as a form of "team representative" or "head trainer" or something so that they are able to still claim the ownership, but don't have to really do the work. This approach opens them up to work out ways to actually drive targeted traffic to their website and market their product I'm developing. Furthermore getting a voice over artist to produce things for you is an excellent move if you don't have the proper equipment to make high quality recordings. Normally when an individual purchases an audio or video system online it may have many modules. That's quite a bit of time to invest, and of course if the audio sounds horrible most of the people will not want to endure the entire product because they can't stand the horrible audio.

Last but not least in an alternate video category is training videos or "how to" videos. I've been recruited to do both the audio and video AND solely the audio for these varieties of videos. When a person wishes to make a video to show the best way to do something like utilize Google adwords for example, they require someone that can guide the viewer through it. Assuming they don't have the time or related equipment to make it happen by themselves, the practical answer should be to hire a voice over artist to do it for them.

Voice over artists may be hired to complete loads of different kinds of jobs. It is a profession I've never been bored with seeing as there are a lot of choices for work to choose from. Think about all the things a voice over artist could help undertake and after that start working on those ventures! You're going to be shocked at how good they'll sound when you use an incredible provider!

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