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Some DIY SEO Techniques To Keep You Busy

By Dianne Crane

The activities that are performed on and off page that attracts the search engines to your website is what SEO is all about. The ability to perform these fairly simple tasks is what is meant by DIY SEO. What you are trying to do is attract the attentions of these spider bots and make them like your offerings. This is accomplished by making them believe that your website is an authoritative one. This can be done very inexpensively or free.

The first category of SEO is the on page stuff. That is the specific code and HTML manipulation that is done to the page that is viewed on the Internet. Just having a pretty page does not necessarily do anything as far as getting the engines to love it. Many of the things some people do will actually turn these entities away from it.

Removing all of the stuff on the page that interferes with the loading of that page quickly is a good start. Spider bots take into consideration how long a page takes to load when looking at them. Surfers, looking for the information you are presenting do not want to wait a log time for this to happen either. Pull those elements out of the page or have a professional compress them in the correct way.

The domain name is a crucial element of on page SEO. It must be tied in, very closely, to the main keywords that are the subject of the offering on the page. The title of the page is also important for the engines spider bot to see. This is the comment that is viewed in the tab of the visitors browser when on the page.

The keyword research should be made to ensure the best, most popular ones are used. The content on the page must be well written and large enough to attract the bots to it. Keywords should be used in sub headings and they should be bold and in Header one and Header two style. These are important to the spider bots and they help the human readers know what is being talked about also.

The next section is about the off page DIY SEO. These are those things done on someone elses website that gets people directed back to yours. Yours could be an affiliated website or one that you have created for your own purposes. These are the fun parts about this activity because your creativity can be displayed.

These activities will include writing things. Writing articles, blogs, advertizements and even tweets and forum postings. These items which are created to generate back links will have a definite impact on the spider bots. These will be seen as the website having a particularly authoritative quality to it. All of these pointing back to the main site tells people to look at it because all of these other websites are.

Working with these inexpensive ideas of DIY SEO should have the effect of getting the attention you need to your websites. Since the website, itself, does not reach out and grab people, these activities have to be performed in order to bring people to you. Marketers, the world over, do these and records have been made as to how much these aid in the making of millions of dollars. That will indicate the importance of these ideas and time well spent.

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