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Content Strategy: The New Dimension In Public Relations

By George Hornet

Public relations has always incorporated content as it plays a huge part in it. Nevertheless, PR experts who fail to dig deeper into content strategy, development and measurement as fast as possible and efficiently, will not be at par with the advancement of PR.

For more than 12 years, the world of PR and media relations has been exposed to changes due to the ever-present internet connections and devices to access it. This has opened doors for people to connect to the web from anywhere.

This connectivity is what has enabled both brands and consumers to do all that pertains to business from anywhere at whichever time. Introduction of numerous gadgets that have made it easier to access the internet has solidified the relationship between people and technology. This has greatly impacted how people are accessing information.

Influencers are no longer tied to just industry news publications and media because, individuals are now able to develop social networks and publish information to an audience that is similar to or better than what the traditional publication can reach. The fact that you can connect with experts from different niches helps create a better publication. Having useful content strengthens the relationship between you and the niche influencers.

Companies are now emphasising on content marketing so as to boost and secure the earned media. These companies have even gone as far as employing corporate journalists and editors in order to create a better publishing environment.

The ability to access the internet anytime has made it possible for the media to get closer to its audience comprising of both consumers and publishers. These consumers now want to take part in news creation. This has led to a mutual relationship with the media and consumers leading to co-creation of content.

For social and search optimisation, diversity of content is essential, while putting in mind the limited resources for content production. Listed, are some types of content that you can use to improve your business content and reach more people. This is a viable and efficient marketing strategy.

Evergreen content

Sometimes, your audience requires content that will sound meaningful in future. This is what evergreen content is. It is timeless and can be a resource to anyone regardless of time.

Co-Created content

You can influence the industry and leader relationships by co-creating content in conjunction with the brand. A built-in social promotion component is added to the content object by the participant's self interest in exposure.

Curated content

A number of companies create a significant amount of content. However, this is not curated to the best level. These companies could also use curated external content.

Repurposed content

You can use content intended for something for a different thing. Simply make an editorial plan to make it successful.3

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