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How to use a voice over artist for your projects

By Jeff Wenberg

Why would you ever wish to use somebody else to complete work that you're able to do? This is a question I've asked myself plenty! Well I'll just suggest this, simply because I CAN do a task doesn't always mean I SHOULD. Getting a voice over artist that can be the voice of your product or service will surely help to kick things up a notch in your business.

There are plenty of reasons I suggest simply because you can do a task doesn't always mean you should. Do you have the skills required to create voice overs on a consistent basis for your product or service? When you are doing work ON your business rather than IN your business a lot of times you simply won't have the available opportunity to be constantly creating voice overs for a variety of tasks. That is where a voice over artist could possibly be brought in and allow you to win back your schedule for other projects. Having said that, if you love producing them, then obviously try a different kind of professional in order to provide time to create them yourself.

Next, technology has made it increasingly easy for anyone to produce voice overs. One important thing it doesn't necessarily do is have a guide book for making them sound awesome. There are so many things that go into getting an excellent sounding recording. If you don't have the right hardware and software packages it doesn't matter how hard you try, an experienced voice over artist will always sound better than you. Only because they own the items and have the expertise you need if you wish to achieve outstanding results. They do this for a living, so they've put in the financial commitment both in the tools as well as in the time to discover the right way to use it all correctly. I'm not claiming you can't figure it out, or purchase the correct tools. I'm simply stating not every business has the time or funds to do so.

Taking that one step further, have you put in the time to understand the way to successfully record your voice by speaking the right way? Most people do not realize how monotone they can be. A voice over artist has to focus on applying quite a bit of variety in tone to prevent being monotone. It's a tiny thing that could go unnoticed if done properly, but if done incorrectly your clients won't be choosing your latest and greatest product or service. Additionally, there exists a thing known as mic technique you must be aware of. That's the position the mic is positioned in front of your mouth to capture the best recording while avoiding plosives, or the bursts of air that rush from your mouth whenever you say words that start out with P's, B's, and C's. If it's painful to tune in to your recordings, say farewell to that new buyer.

So once more, I'm not stating that you shouldn't record your own recordings, I'm just saying that you need to figure out where your energy is best suited to GROW your company and not just to work in it. Using a voice over artist to enable you to develop your products and services will allow you to get that seriously polished edge that can make you stand out from your rivals.

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