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Finding The Best Keywords For Online Marketers

By Reed Slidell

There are a lot elements involved in search engine optimization (SEO) but one of the most important is finding the best keywords before building a website. It is necessary to know what people are searching for because only when you know it can you lead them to your site.

Let's take for instance, if your business is all about baking cakes, you need to come up with key terms directly connected to it for content use. Say, you can select the key phrase "baking party cakes." This will help the search engine spiders index your pages better. When someone types the same phrase in the search field, the chances of your site showing up in the results pages would be bigger.

Bear in mind that search engines work on key phrases as specifically as possible. They often bring up the pages which use the very exact words. This means that when "baking party cakes" is searched for, websites using the very same terms would be brought out. Those which utilize "baking party cake" may also come out, but their ranks are expected to be lower.

So, how can you find the best keywords precisely for internet marketing? How can you decide on which would work best?

The best answer to this is to make use of keyword tools. These are online tools that can help analyze which words or phrase would work best for your site. In addition, they can also give you an idea of how many searches a certain key phrase has in a month, as well as how many other sites are using them. This can provide you a clearer picture of the competition. Naturally, you would want a key phrase that is often searched for but not very common among competitors. It will give you higher chances for profitability.

Before heading straight to a tool, you can opt to take other steps when finding the best keywords. Here are some of them:

One, remember to think like a customer. Get a paper and pen and list down the main categories of your venture. Include words or phrases that the online public would possibly use to describe what you are offering.

Two, make sure that all your options are connected to what your website is all about. Don't commit the same mistakes that others do, utilizing popular terms just to be popular. Doing this can prove to be detrimental for the business.

Three, be specific but not to the extent of being illogically specific. This means that you're not supposed to come up with keywords that you alone can think of. Again, it's important to think from the perspective of your consumers.

These are the other practical steps you can follow when finding the best keywords. After following them, you can double check with a keyword tool and trim down the list to a more error-proof roll.

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