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Guide To The Best UFC Blogs

By Sharlene Fleming

The Ultimate Fighting Championship's emergence into the mainstream in the early part of the last decade has helped turn Mixed Martial Arts into a sport with a huge global fan base. Fans of UFC tend to be passionate, well informed and highly opinionated, so there is little wonder that so many UFC blogs exist on the internet. This guide will fill you in on the best ones to visit.

One excellent site is The Bloody Elbow. As well as news and views, there is a focus on the history of MMA, with information about past events, fighters and footage from the 50 best fights in the sport's history. If you don't know much about Ultimate Fighting and want to learn more it is a great starting point. If you love MMA and want to get some detailed information it is a great homepage.

If you are out for a more irreverent take on MMA The Cage Potato might be for you. It is a knowingly irreverent take on the Ultimate Fighting Championship with photos of ring girls in various states of undress sitting alongside the news items, opinion pieces and footage. While some might find the testosterone driven tone and frequent expletives a little off putting, the site has an impressive level of technical knowledge and a sense of humor.

If you like your sports coverage with a concentration on information ahead of flash and hype, then you will be interested in Fight Opinion. It's a text heavy site with in-depth technical examinations regarding MMA and little or no fanfare. Just take a look at the homepage- no images, no video, no fancy titles dripping blood, no ring girls. What it does have is a staff of well informed, intelligent writers who know the sport inside out.

MMA Junkie has long been established as a must visit for fight fans. It won the Best Media Coverage Award at the 2008 World Mixed Martial Arts Awards and has been copied more than once by newer sites in terms of its style and tone. Expect all the news and views, opinion, arguments and footage you'll get elsewhere but with a highly professional execution. They also have their own radio show which you can find on the site and is well worth a listen.

For those with a more intense, hands-on interest in MMA, Punch, Kick, Choke gives great technical advice. It is as much about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as Ultimate Fighting and is best enjoyed by those with knowledge of both disciplines. The visuals are not pretty - plain white text on plain black background - but for those who know their stuff and want to develop their own style, it is a refreshingly down to basics, no-frills approach.

Though at first the Squabbles blog does not seem much different to the sites mentioned earlier, there is one particular section that makes it worth recommending. Their fighter ranking is excellent. It is informed, smart and probably the best one you'll find online.

There are plenty of sites offering news on MMA. Some are better than others. If you're looking for a good one, try one of the UFC blogs we mentioned above.

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