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Major Concerns about Exact Match Domains

By Shane Walker

Right after the latest Penguin update, numerous sites all over the web suffered a decrease on their search positions. Even the utilization of exact match domains is in great threat if not maintained appropriately. Essentially, it can make or break up the ranking of your website. It remarkably influences or dictates your potential in search engine optimisation. Too much use of exact match domains may seem unnatural for Google. They see it as key phrase stuffing when a big percentage of your anchor texts fall under your exact match domains.

Technically, sites that over optimise exact match domains will be penalized. However, the punishment can be taken care of promptly as long as you harmonize the variation of your link density. There is no much to concern yourself with being punished by Penguin compared to other penalties because you already discover the problem.

SEO firms make use of exact match domains under their SEO packages for the purpose of having legit search phrases and a brand. Considering that the algorithm of Google is getting better, it is sensible to vary your anchor text every once in awhile. It is not appropriate to state that exact match domains are out of the search engine optimisation scene. You cannot erase the fact that they still supply a major boost to your SEO venture. The important thing is to just be certain you have a diversified range of anchor texts to prevent keyword spam.

If your Google search rankings are beginning to decrease, it is one indication that you are not taking care of your anchor text diversity very well. The amount of damage to your site depends on how spammy the strategies that you are implementing.

There are instances wherein established websites missed years of work which cannot be mended by any reconsideration just because of significant algorithm updates. To prevent this type of incident, it is advisable to regularly examine your anchor text distribution of inbound and internal links.

Normally, SEO experts advise maintaining every anchor text below 20 percent. Make different variations by using naked links which entails your brand or a specified call to action. Eliminate all questionable techniques and stay natural with your linking framework and content quality. Ultimately, Penguin promotes all internet marketers to emphasize on good quality content with great link diversity.

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