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What You Need To Know About Building iPhone App User Interfaces

By Kavin Mathew

Before you can get around to building iPhone app user interfaces, there are still some questions that you are wondering about. If we speak of interfaces, we are referring to the points of contact and interaction between the users and the iPhone apps. We are talking here about the screens where the iPhone users interact with the apps. It is also the screen where data may be entered. Manipulation of the app also takes place there. When there is a feedback or outcome that is expected from the app, That's where it is shown.

As a developer, you may opt to build the interfaces early in the development process. Before getting to building the actual functional aspect of the app, they even build the interfaces first. Of course you can do it the other way around. Develop the underlying functionality first before the user interfaces. It depends on you how and when you would want to build your interfaces. However, there are bound to be some questions still that you must get the answers for before you can start. You will actually benefit from this because your interface design will take its cues from these questions and their corresponding answers.

Now, to the first question. Who are the targeted users of the iPhone app that you are building? Let us say that the iPhone app you are building is meant for kids. That means you have to make it playful and cheery; thus, you will use bright colors and attractive shapes. Of course, you cannot apply the same colors and design for corporate apps, especially if you are striving for a serious business-like corporate app. you'd have to choose tamer colors. If you are developing an app for senior citizens, you have to keep in mind that they are sensitive to bright colors and too much movement. Keep the interface simple but still attractive.

Now, It's time to ask the second question. What specific function is the developed iPhone app supposed to serve? The answer to this question would have such a huge impact on the final outcome of the interface, especially with respect to its design. Just make sure that the interfaces will make possible the easier and smoother collection of data and the corresponding feedback of the results as presented by the iPhone app to the users.

The third question you need to get answers for, before attempting build iPhone app user interfaces, is one as to what sort of environment the iPhone apps are meant to be used in. iPhones are powered by the operating system iOS, which enables the apps to function in a mobile computing environment. Still, you have to factor in a number of environmental variables. It is also possible that the app is meant to be a stand-alone application, or it could also be a web app, which is designed to operate only within a browser. If you are creating a web app, consider the resulting compatibility of the interface with the web browser. You also need to ensure that it is synchronized with the other browser features, such as back, forward and 'refresh' buttons.

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