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You Can Easily Buy Cheap Stylus Pens Online

By Juliette Cruz

Things change. A stylus used to play records which predated cassettes and CDs by maybe half a century. Styli have been in existence forever and were originally made of sharpened reeds or bone. Nowadays they are used with the latest touch screens. An enduring instrument indeed, it seems. If you are looking for cheap Stylus pens the internet is a good source and the selection is awesome.

Although you may be quite happy using your finger on your touch screen, it can make the screen dirty with fingerprints. Especially when it is warm, the screen can get sticky. So it is better to buy a stylus pen. It need not be an expensive one; many cheap pens work quite well. However they may not last as long. There are resistive and capacitive screens and the styli are not necessarily interchangeable. So you need to know what you need. It may be for your iPad or iPhone, a tablet or a Blackberry.

A good writing instrument should be well balanced and feel comfortable in your hand. It should feel like writing with a pen. Some come with a normal pen too so that you can easily switch from pen and paper to this type of writing tool and screen without looking for another implement. This can be very useful if you are on the move.

Like pens, styli too come in all sorts of colors finishes. The tip is important since it is in contact with the screen. Mostly they are made of rubber and look rather like the eraser end of a normal pencil.

Some styli have silicon tips but most have soft rubber. Some have button controls on the pen itself. Like normal pens they come in a range of colors and designs as well as prices.

All Techies will have definite views about styli as they have about every other gadget. There are blogs galore on the internet where pluses and minuses of cheap styli are debated. It is not a bad idea to read through a couple before deciding whether to risk spending a bit more for a stylus pen.

Having said that, do not let your precious touch screen get damaged. Some will tell you that modern screens are completely scratch proof - another online debate - but it is better not to take a chance. So if you find that you have to use more pressure to get a response from your pen, check the tip, it might be time to change it.

However your phone or tablet screen is precious. Do not risk damaging it by using a worn stylus. If you find you have to exert more pressure, try cleaning the tip. Cheap Stylus pens are not made to last. With more expensive brands, you may be able to replace the tip. Cheap ones should be discarded at the first sign of wear.

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