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Why Collecting Commercial Debts Shouldn't Be Agonizing

By Rob Sutter

I work in the world of retail and I've countlessly made the claim that my work might be the toughest in the world. What I didn't know, though, is that I should have been more aware of other positions. Retail calls for a person to multitask, so that they both communicate with shoppers and workers alike while carrying out jobs that are given to them each day. While my job may be tiring, I'd argue that debt collecting has a level of wear of its own. Debt collecting can be challenging, especially when it comes to collecting commercial debts themselves.

Keeping in contact with the debtor is something that a collector has to do constantly, but only within the capacity of law for a collector. This has to be done so that collecting commercial debts is a simpler task but this isn't meant to be during the times when the debtor doesn't want to answer, whether out of fear or utter negligence. Refusal to answer the phone is one of the worst acts that a debtor can carry out, especially when they know a collection company such as R.R.S is on the other line. When this is done, the risk of legal action only increases.

What about the instances when calls are answered without fail but the debtor who responds acts out irrationally? Despite what many people who read news stories on debt collecting may believe, it's not always the collectors that act out and it could be a matter of a misconception living up to its namesake. Debt collectors do not want to begin a quarrel with anyone and they only call so that they business is carried out without the risk of legal action being taken for one reason or another.

To say that the debt collection business can be demoralizing goes without saying that is because of the countless negative stories you'd find on any news website. The ratio of uplifting news stories to those that bring down people's emotions is quite uneven with the heavier number being set to the latter. It's almost like debt collecting's press can be described as an infinitely expanding black mass of space and the good stories serve as stars that fade ever so faintly. The amount of negative stories brings out harsh viewpoints from others as a result.

Those who work in collecting commercial debts definitely don't have the easiest jobs in the world and it makes my retail position appear that much more attractive. As much as I may detest some of the customers I'm forced to service, it's a simple quirk I could do without and not exactly spirit-breaking. A supervisor may only wish to bring me down a few pegs for no reason but I'd rather endure that treatment than have to put up with the kinds of troubles earnest debt collectors work through. As much as I respect those workers, the mundane world of 9-to-5 is strangely more attractively.

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