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Tips for Finding Guest Bloggers to Add Content to Your Blog

By Bina Omar

As a blogger you already know just how important it is that you update your blog with new content on a regular basis. Google and the other search engines tend to favor blogs because they are updated often and with typically useful content. Consistently creating great content, however, can be very difficult, especially if you aren't a writer. You can easily leverage your blog for lots of different things but only if you can outshine the rest of the crowd with the quality of your posts. An easy solution for this problem is to introduce 'guest blogging' on your blog, where other bloggers/writers/authors can write targeted posts for your blog as a guest. This is beneficial to the both of you because while you get some great content, your guest poster also has some backlinks and extra exposure. But where and how do you exactly find guest bloggers?

Offer Credit All the Time: If you want guest posters to write for you, you need to prove that you give guest posters proper credit. When you start to talk with a possible guest poster he or she is obviously going to go through your site and look for other guest posts. So be sure that you are giving proper credit to the guest bloggers on your site right at the top of the post and the bottom of the post where the credit is easier to see. Besides that, include their bio in the most clear manner, so that it's easily visible. The reason someone chooses to write for your blog without getting paid is because they are hoping to get some exposure, so help them out with that.

Invite Your Previous Guest Bloggers: If you've had guest bloggers before and they've done good work for you, why not use them again? It is important to create and maintain good relationships with guest bloggers because they can often be the key to helping you fill your blog with quality content on a reliable basis. So make a list of all the bloggers that have submitted a guest post to you, so that you may notify them whenever you're in need. While it is obvious that not everybody will be willing to guest post all the time, it helps to have handy a pool of guest bloggers who already trust you. Besides that, these will all be guest bloggers who know, understand and agree with your guidelines so it will save you time!

Target Forums in Your Market: The internet has hundreds of discussion boards and forums that allow people to post threads. Use these boards to post your guest posting opportunity to others who might want to guest post for you. Lots of potential guest posters might see your thread and contact you. Because forums are typically high traffic places the likelihood that you'll have great guest posts is huge.

Target Markets in Your Niche: There are tons of discussion boards/forums on the Internet that allow you to post threads. Use these forums to post about the opportunity that you're offering to anyone that wants to guest blog for you. Lots of potential guest writers could see your thread and get in touch with you. Forums usually have a lot of traffic they can be a great way to make contact with lots of fantastic guest bloggers. In conclusion, the article above should help you understand that guest posting is not going to go anywhere. If you really want your blog to boast of diverse content and give value to your readers, then you shouldn't ignore the power of guest blogging. There are hundreds of thousands of guest bloggers ready to take up work, you just need to look in the right direction. Once you have begun to work with guest bloggers it will become immediately apparent that guest bloggers place a high premium on valuable and niche focused content: there's no way that you can lose.

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