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Email Marketing Tips

By Steven Porter

The arrival of the internet has paved the way for many entrepreneurs to find another medium of their enterprise. Internet marketing plays a major role in these web entrepreneurs. And one of the factors that determine its success is the website traffic. One's product or service, no matter how amazing it is, wouldn't make it big in the industry if it goes unnoticed. Thus, many entrepreneurs invest a lot of time and money in internet marketing practices, one of which is email marketing.

Email marketing is an internet marketing strategy that pertains to direct 'advertising' of a company of its products or services to its prospective and present clients through email (hence the name). This marketing technique is proven to be an effective way of driving traffic to one's site and boosting the company's profit.

Email marketing isn't just all about sending emails to a list of recipients. It is the way of reaching out, keeping clients and prospects updated, and getting a wider audience in the hope of gaining more profit. The common uses of email marketing include product and service update to both prospects and present clients, special offer alerts, and invitations to business-related affairs. However, not all email marketing practice is successful, mainly due to the marketer himself.

If you've been doing email marketing for quite some time but still couldn't achieve desirable results, then check out the following tips:

1. Don't spam

Spamming is sending unsolicited and irrelevant messages. Being labeled as a spammer will not only ruin the reputation of your business but as well will lose your client's trust. Avoid being a spammer by sending messages that are relevant to your product or service. These messages should only be sent to people who have opted-in.

2. Make your subject line interesting

There's a big possibility that your emails could get lost in the sea of emails received by your recipients each day. Don't let this thing to happen by creating your subject line carefully.

Think of your subject line as an advertisement headline. Would you proceed reading an ad with a boring headline? Of course you'll not! Thus, it's pretty important to come up with CATCHY subject line. It should be something interesting that could stir the curiosity of your recipients, prompting them to open and read it.

3. Avoid making false promises

The body of your message should only contain facts and info that are true to your product or services. Making false promises is a no-no. It would only lose your credibility and bring down the reputation you've built for your business.

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