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Morse Code Program For Cell Phones

By Juliette Cruz

In the past CW or continuous wave technology was the only way to talk between two parties. Today, dits and dahs are no longer the only means to communicate but they are finding more takers thanks to Morse Code program that can embed itself into mobile technology in many ways.

CW or continuous wave is a form of electronic sound transmission medium that only a calibrated machine can decipher or translate. This machine was developed some 160 years ago as the first telegraph machine. It could send and receive EM waves over long distances and cut down the time taken to send messages over foot or by messenger service.

Thanks to the presence of many telegraphic software, one can easily translate words or sentences into dahs and dits, the symbols used to translate each letter from a Roman set of alphabets. To send out a coded message, one first must use a software to convert actual sentences into Morse-code. Then they have to transmit it using a suitable medium. This can be in the form of light, touch and sound medium. Not everyone is today adept at understanding the Morse-code and hence it can be a nice medium to encode data and send over long distances.

The use of Morse-code program is possible in the use of audio signals. To do this what you can do is to convert the coding into audio signals and then using it as your personal ringtone.

Programs that provide Morse-code usually come with thousands of words from the dictionary that is used commonly today. Together they can be used to form sentences that then can be used to form your own personal messages or monograms for use either as caller ID or caller tunes. Those who hear these messages will want to find out what they are and get automatically interested in a long lost form of communication.

Coding software is usually not restricted to only making caller IDs or ring tones. It is effective for using with messages and system alerts. One can even make use of these coding messages for text messages and calls from family members. No one other than the person who continuously uses the phone can understand what each tune translates to.

Another usage of this type of software is to transmit messages through vibrations of a cell phone. Imagine, if you could understand what a text message says without even looking at the screen. Also think of the many possibilities this holds for blind people. They can simply feel the vibration and recognize the messaging person as well as the written message. They can even recognize the caller by the way a phone vibrates. This sort of coding is difficult to achieve but not impossible as many have already shown.

Morse-code usage may be automated with Morse Code program but it requires a lot of practice to decipher. The only way to do this is to incorporate it into your phone and use it on a regular basis.

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