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You Might Not Know These Famous Graphic Designers And What They Have Done

By Victoria Strechevsky

There are many famous graphic designers to be aware of. Some are well-known for iconic logos of major corporations and household products. However, there are some overlooked designs like that of electronic equipment and clothing logos, that have been instrumental in shaping life as it is known today.

Most people are aware of the Adidas logo and its three stripes emblazoned across the brand name. This design was given to the world by Peter Moore more than twenty years ago. At the time he was creative director of Adidas corporation. The stripes represent a mountain which illustrates the challenges and ultimate goals that everyone wishes to achieve.

The much celebrated Nike "swish" came about from a woman named Carolyn Davidson. In fact, all one has to do is see this mark and it is instantly associated with a brand of sports apparel. There is no mistaking it for anything else on the planet. Even though this image is over forty years old, it is still as effective today as ever.

Perhaps one of the most successful graphic designers of the modern age is not very well known. This man is responsible for the design of the iPhone, iPad, and many well-known MacBook designs. Sir Johnathan Ive is a senior executive and designer at Apple Corporation.

Sir Jonathon credits a great deal of his success to his father. While growing up, his father was a silversmith who taught locally at college. For Christmas, his present was time in the college workshop with his dad. During that time he was free to work on any project with parental assistance. The only limit was his imagination.

These have been a few examples of famous graphic designers who are not well-known to the average person. However, these talented individuals continue to provide concepts and designs that spur the growth of industry and also the economy. This makes life more convenient and less complex.

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