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Where To Learn Morse Code

By Rebekah Alford

Samuel Morse developed what we call Morse code and what was once referred to as Railroad Morse in the early 1800s. It was a way that people were able to communicate by sending this code over telegraph wires. To do so, one had to learn Morse code so they were able to properly send the correct series of long and short sequences that represented punctuation, numbers, and letters.

The sequences are known as dots and dashes or dits and dahs. Gaps in the transmission are used as punctuations or pauses between letters or words depending upon the length of the gaps. This communication was originally made to be transmitted as electrical pulses over telegraph wires which once decoded, spelled out a message. It can also be an audio tone known by some as a radio signal. Additionally, it can be transmitted visually using a flashlight or similar mechanical device.

This communication method is still very popular in the world of amateur radio. It is also still being used by the maritime services as well as the military services. Likewise, many disabled who have difficulty communicating basic needs to someone find it quite useful. In fact, it has helped many who have very limited skills to communicate.

Learning this for many is equivalent to learning a new language. Of course there are different methods a person can accomplish this. For those that enjoy technology, there are lots of available options. Software programs are available that claim a person can pick up this communication style in as little as a minute.

There are translators that one can download making it very easy to send and receive messages making it easy to practice. This handy tool can translate the spoken language and once the message is received, it sounds the code which delivers the message for the individual to decipher. This is only one of the many tools available to help the student remember and practice their new skill.

A quick search online will garner lots of books which are available to assist in developing this new skill. One might want to think about which method of learning is easiest for them. Some people are visual learners when others tend to learn by listening. If the person happens to learn best visually then it would be more beneficial for them to utilize visual aids when trying to pick up this new skill since it will allow them to remember more quickly.

Many students become frustrated when attempting to something new because this is not taken into consideration. This basic information applies to every student regardless of age or what lesson they are trying to learn. Many tools exist for the student with a desire to obtain knowledge regardless of which method they prefer. One need only take a little time to determine which is preferred then search out the appropriate ones.

Once the proper tools are used, it will take practice and dedication to master this new communication skill. To learn Morse code can be both fun and exciting. With the challenge of learning it, one can incorporate this skill into their life in creative ways.

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