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The top worldwide AshMax team in 2012

By Russ Howe

Extremely popular in early 2010, the Ashmax marketing system was originally designed to help you build your Global Domains International business. Since, however, it has somewhat lost it's effectiveness. If you are looking to build a serious income via Global Domains International, though, you certainly still can.

So why did we decide to focus purely on Global Domains International instead of building multiple streams of income with Ashmax? Simple, time and effectiveness. Building multiple businesses is never easy and although we prospered the vast majority of Ashmax affiliates got absolutely nowhere.

If you prefer video to reading we've got you covered here too.

As far as online businesses go, Global Domains International is as established as they come. Hence why we built our future around it. Featured in popular publications such as Inc Magazine and listed as one of America's fastest growing companies, GDI is truly in a league of it's own as a home based business.

All Global Domains International members receive two life changing services, detailed below. In order to get the most from these services, as we did, it's important to focus on building one business. This was one reason we decided to call time on Ashmax and it's multiple business opportunities.

* Your Global Domains International product package. You get your very own website, for use however you wish.

* Your Global Domains International home business. As a GDI affiliate you are able to earn unlimited monthly commissions just for building your GDI business at your own pace.

If you are trying to build an income from home in your spare time, Global Domains International was simply built for you. This is why we focused entirely on it rather than paying it less attention than it deserved while trying to build too many businesses at once in Ashmax. GDI is incredibly lucrative.

We became the world's top Global Domains International team of sponsors via our simple, three step system - which you receive for free at the website, of course. This simple yet proven approach is why so many world leading GDI sponsors choose to link with us to build their business.

Global Domains International, when worked properly as opposed to joining too many business at once and having no time to really focus on any properly (such as in Ashmax or other multiple business marketing systems), is a truly fantastic home based business with the potential to change lives financially.

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