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New Business Tips: Tools you'll need when your website is built

By Mark Vahlore

Congratulations to you if you're going to take your business online. It will take some work but the payoff is well worth the effort. Whether you're having an e-commerce site or a regular html site built for your small business you'll want to take this into mind the minute you start. You'll need affordable/dependable web hosting as well as a good domain name.

We'll discuss this in two parts: 1. Websites needs 2. E-commerce needs We're a 5 year Atlanta web hosting service. No matter how you look at it every website that wants to be on-line will need to have "Web" hosting. This will certainly be the essential factor in people being able to find your website. It is correct you can have a website on your individual laptop but if it's not linked to the internet how will people find you?

Web hosting prices will vary from site to site and this is undoubtedly healthy for small businesses. Chances are you'll look at different web hosting companies and get the ideal price that suites your budget. Another vital piece to the puzzle is domain name. We suggest when deciding on a domain name you make sure it's not long. Here's a suggestion for the architects who are about to start a business, secure your domain name first before you incorporate. We say this because your entire marketing will be based on your "name".

If you're intending to have an ecommerce site built you will need these items: *An SSl certificates *Merchant account. The merchant account enables you to collect credit card transactions from your customers. It makes the customer shopping experience seamless when buying online. The funds go directly to your business account and you send the customer their product.

The SSL certificate technology was constructed specifically to preserve your client's credit card information. It continually works to protect them against people and bad technology that intend to hack/ steal their sensitive information. If you have any concerns feel free to communicate with us.

Sincerely, An Atlanta web hosting service. Below is a short list of the other products we'll talk about soon: *Web Hosting *Domain Names *Adless Email *QuickshoppingCart *SSL Certificates *Marketing Tools *Merchant Accounts * Dedicated Servers * Fax through Email *Virtual Hosting [This article in its entirety is an original.]

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