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Global Domains International Downline Building Tips

By Howe Russ

We've all seen the flashy videos and lucrative affiliate plan, but today we answer the key question. How do you actually go about building an income for life with your Global Domains International business?

The harsh truth is over 85 percent of GDI affiliates fail to build any kind of income.

Today we provide a quick walk through of the company affiliate plan so you can understand how it all works, and how you can work it, as well as a few quick pointers compiled by world leading sponsors to help you get on your way to building your business.

Firstly you need to understand how to actually make money in GDI. The company provides you with an affiliate plan that contains incredible riches. Should you work hard enough to achieve them, that is.

To put it simply, every time you introduce someone to your business and help them to get their GDI membership started the company will pay you a commission.

You earn these commissions every single time you grow your business. Also, they are residual. This means you get paid your commission each and every month. This makes GDI very powerful and very different to most businesses, as it allows you to get paid over and over again for 'work' you did just once.

Furthermore, you will also receive the same amount of residual commission whenever a member of your GDI business builds THEIR business, too, and you have an incredible financial opportunity there. Find a few folks who are serious about becoming their own boss and you have an almost automated income right there.

Add to this the great bonus package which GDI offers and you can explode your income level. Each member who introduces five new signups to their business in a one week period receives an additional $100 bonus as a thank you for their hard work, these bonuses are unlimited so possess huge income potential, and you also receive all of your regular GDI income on top of this. The beauty of the bonus system in GDI is this happens every week, by itself, and next week you can just start again and hit another one if you work on your business.

But most GDI affiliates fail because they fail to put just a few simple things in place. A few steps which can literally shape your business from the start and determine how successful you are going to be. Here's a quick list of our to-do steps.

* A solid upline is necessary. You have to build your business, of course, but having others around you who are serious sure helps. A good sponsor comes across through their personality and doesn't give huge promises of easy riches. There are probably about 100 terrible sponsors for every one decent one in GDI so be wise here. The biggest hype usually means the worse sponsor.

* Use a marketing system. Automate as much of your business as you can. We became the world's number 1 GDI team worldwide using the WS Affiliate Network marketing system. That's free to all team members and is a great system to get started with, providing lead capture pages, training materials and auto responder software among other tools.

* Most affiliates quit before they make any money, this is why over 85 percent of members in GDI fail. They have false ideas about it being a case of getting rich for doing nothing and false notions about how their upline will fill their downline for them. This is why it's important to get a good sponsor, too, as they'll tell you the facts. Work at your business long term. After all, you want to change the rest of your life.

These simple steps will help you to avoid the mistakes which so many affiliates make. Now that you've had a quick run through exactly what to expect from your Global Domains International business, take your time to get started and remember you can always reach us if you need us.

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