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Why Video Email is Taking Small Businesses By Storm

By Kevin Gelzer

If you're not conversant with video email, it's time you learn how it functions and how it can achieve an advantage your business. This type of email includes an e-mail message that contains a video file that may be viewed through hypertext links or the video file may be inserted right into the message body, dependent on your email client. Today, many alternative approaches to video email exist, making it easy for enterprises to take the plunge into online video marketing without an issue. Since these e-mails are now being utilized for direct email selling on a regular basis, it's a good idea to find out more about how this kind of email promoting is taking small firms by force.

1 Or 2 Stats

A glance at a few of the stats surrounding video email will certainly help you to understand why so many smaller businesses are starting to use it as part of their email promotional programs. According to one study done by Studio360, video messages frequently see clickthrough rates that are 33% higher than emails sent in HTML. In other studies, the %s have been much higher. Other case studies have discovered that video marketing with video brings in response rates that may be as high as 11 times higher than using direct mail. Not only do statistics show that using online video marketing inside e-mails improves response rates, and it costs less money in several cases also.

Benefits That Help You Beat the Competitors

While video email includes many great benefits for small businesses, some of the top benefits are those that help your company beat off the competition. Online video marketing in your mails can help you stick out from your competitors. While other business may still be using plain text in their e-mails, your mpgs can make you stand out from your possible shoppers. These e-mails can also assist you in making readers remember your company while creating you as a pacesetter in your field. This option can even enhance your business ' credibility, since they can see you talking about the subject, making them more certain to trust the proven fact that you are informed in what you're saying.

Connecting with Your Audience

Many email campaigns fail because they are unable to effectively connect to the audience. But with video email, you have got the benefit of connecting with your audience on an emotional level. Emotions are usually the basis of purchasing decisions, which is why you have to connect with your audience emotionally. As you start using videos in your emails, you can better nurture client relationships and easily create rapport with new prospects. Videos permit you to add a personal touch, make spectators feel special and build trust too. Connecting with your audience emotionally is certain to offer some fantastic results for your small enterprise.

Saving Time and Money

Last, using video email lets you save both time and cash, which is a key benefit for small enterprises today. Online video marketing is really quite cheap, especially when you remember the worth and benefits offered. After you record videos, you can continue to use them over the passage of time which offers more savings. You may even save time with this kind of e-mail selling since it takes a lot less time to record a video than to write a piece.

Video email marketing is here for good and it has so many benefits to offer your small enterprise. Don't let your competition hook onto this hot trend before you do. Start finding out more about how you can use videos as part of your e-mail marketing program for superb results.

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