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85 Percent Of Global Domains International Members Fail

By Russ Howe

A massive ninety percent of Global Domains International affiliates aren't getting anywhere with their business. This shocking statistic is the truth behind the shiny videos and home based business claims. But in today's post we show you a few sure fire ways to boost any flagging GDI business.

Despite it's massive visual appeal, GDI is a home business which many members cannot get started in. They are attracted to the initial package and seemingly the ease of the business overall, but then find they cannot get the ball rolling for themselves.

Most affiliates endure at least two of these:

* Don't get any kind of help from anyone at all. Not even the sponsor they joined under.

* Get no training materials at all

* Have no idea how to build their business online

* Most members make the number one mistake of trying to sell friends and family on their new business

So how do you avoid these common problems and mistakes? Simple, do it before you start. Before you join GDI you can eliminate almost every problem above by ensuring you get a responsible, proven sponsor who isn't going to ditch you in a week's time and isn't going to spam you about every next big thing company which comes along (and there are lots of those!), as well as getting yourself a simple and effective marketing system. Already, life is easier.

While we've built a five figure income with our GDI business, we also saw many other affiliates who seemed to spend years doing absolutely nothing and getting nowhere.

The fact is if you're looking to build an income online for your family in your spare time you need to take care of the basics first. Get a solid foundation for yourself, this is where we've helped many folks in GDI. Set the long term plan for yourself before you even join.

No matter how good your business model, however, it will only go as far as you push it. You are the key ingredient here. Without serious determination you will fail. So many do. Before you start any journey to become your own boss you need to be clear whether you want it or not.

Are you serious about making money online with GDI? It's time to find out.

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