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The Verdict On AshMax

By Russ Howe

The Ashmax marketing system, formed in 2010, was often over hyped and undoubtedly fell victim to it's own big promises. Today we show you what the system was made to do and discuss just how effective it was for building an online income.

No beating around the bush. The marketing system was designed to help you get the most from Global Domains International and the lesser known Freeway To Success.

By promoting your AshMax link you were able to build your affiliate commissions in both featured companies at the same time. This was the original concept, and in a second we'll show what prevented it from becoming a great long term online option.

As is often the case with new online businesses, there was a massive amount of false hype surrounding how the system works and this led to almost every new member getting nowhere fast with their business. Members were often under the illusion that they needed to simply find five referrals then 'the system' was going to fill the rest of their downline to earn them over $20k per month. Guaranteed. Of course, this didn't happen.

While the system was based upon finding 5 referrals, the story didn't end there. Your five referrals had to share your desire to become their own boss. The system revolved around them also finding five referrals, and so forth, until you had filled 5 levels of your GDI downline.

That is how the entire 'guaranteed' system worked.

Many members failed to realize this and as a result failed to make any income. In a bid to push members, the system placed a 20 day rule meaning new members had to take action and find their five chosen downline members within twenty days of joining or they would have their account cancelled. While initially intended as a positive, somewhat motivational rule, this often just placed needless pressure on members and drove them to quit on themselves.

If you would prefer to watch this in video form, we've got you covered.

After six months using this marketing system we decided to pull away and end our affiliation, despite being the number one worldwide team of sponsors in the program. We felt that it's focus on building too many businesses at once and lack of real support (other than telling people to go out and get their five referrals) and removing members who simply needed more help after their 20 days were up, simply didn't do enough to help people build their business in a positive way.

Most affiliates average two referrals per month - and it's perfectly easy to build a huge business at that rate, by the way - so to ask for 5 in 20 days without a sufficient plan of action left most affiliates falling short.

Global Domains International was the main income source of the system originally however the Ashmax system has since been revamped and now costs over $100 (instead of the initial $25) to join and incorporates completely different programs. This move has made it a pricey chance to take.

After leaving the system we decided to focus purely on the GDI business (one of the programs Ashmax was focused on) and have since gone on to become the number one team in the world in Global Domains International using WS Affiliate Network, the free marketing system specifically designed for use with GDI. When focusing on just one business, and with no time limits or false guarantees, building an income online becomes far easier.

If you are looking at Ashmax as a method of making money online right now, the system does work if you work it. If you are looking at it as a way to build your GDI business however, quite frankly, there is now a superior marketing system available for free.

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