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Should You Join Global Domains International?

By Russ Howe

Global Domains International is an established home based business opportunity which attracts several thousand new affiliates each year. Today we look at a few important facts to take into consideration before deciding whether or not GDI is the business for you.

As more and more people look for ways to make an income from home, Global Domains International is as popular as ever in 2012.

So here are the facts you should know before becoming a GDI affiliate. The first thing on everybody's lips, and rightly so, is the safety of GDI. GDI is a 100 percent safe and legal business. Approved by the Federal Trade Commission, Direct Selling Association and Better Internet Bureau, as far as home businesses go GDI is as established as they come. Featured as a Fortune 500 company, GDI is often mistook by folks unfamiliar with affiliate marketing for a pyramid scheme or online scam because, well, it looks too good to be true upon first glance. However, it's completely legal and safe.

The income you make as a GDI affiliate is genuine income and you are paid each month via Paypal.

By sharing your business and introducing others to the ability to work from home with GDI, or joining to use the products on offer which we'll show in a moment, you are paid monthly commissions by the company. In theory, GDI sounds similar to home businesses such as Avon and Mary Kay, but next we'll show you why GDI is massively more lucrative than any other online business...

As a GDI member, introduce a new customer to the business and you receive a monthly commission. It's as simple as that. What makes this business so appealing is the fact that your income is residual, meaning you get paid that commission every single month not just one time.

Imagine getting paid every single month for work you did just once.

Furthermore, you also earn the same commission each time any member of your downline builds their business, too. GDI represents a passive income opportunity for those looking for a low cost home business with minimal financial risk, at just $10 per month, and huge potential income for those serious enough to become their own boss.

One area of GDI which is often overlooked is it's product package. While most are swept up in the excitement of possible earnings, a state of mind which often leads to failure by the way, those who take the time to really know what they get from their business tend to go further with it. You receive your own domain name and website building tools, meaning you could build your own website or blog.

For instance, we took our products and created our own fitness website, then learnt how to promote ourselves through GDI's materials and our blog reaches over two million customers now and was recently featured on tv. All while making money from the affiliate plan, too.

That is the real valuable thing about GDI, you literally can turn your favourite hobby into an income all while earning directly from GDI simultaneously. But the sad fact is over 80 percent of affiliates fail to make any money with their business. This comes down to a few very easily avoided errors, shown below....

1) Almost all new affiliates get zero help from their sponsor. No training, tips, replies from emails, nothing.

2) The majority of new affiliates have absolutely no idea how to promote their business on the internet.

3) The sample websites which GDI provides to affiliates are simply not effective any more.

4) The biggest mistake new affiliates make is trying to tell their family and friends about their new business.

You should now know the facts about Global Domains International and how the company works. In doing so, you should also have a clear idea of whether or not this is the business for you. As the world's top global team in the company we have seen many success stories but also many failures over the last five years. In order to become a successful affiliate you need to hit the ground running and capitalize on your early enthusiasm as well as surround yourself with sponsors who are proven to be long term.

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