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Knowledge And The Use Of Soul Catchers

By Casandra Newton

The Soul Catchers are amulets or necklaces that are worn by Shamans. The shaman is a part of the Tsimshian, Haida, Heiltsuk, and Tlingit tribes which are located in the Pacific Northwest Coast which is in British Columbia and Alaska. There is a theory that the amulet was first developed by the Tsimshian and was later passed on to the other tribes over time.

These spiritual tools are created from bear femur, and is severed on one end or two ends. This tool is also made with abalone shell. Bears have strong shamanic ties to the indigenous people that lived within the Northwest Coast. These ceremonial tools are created using a sisiutl-like animal. The tools are also made with land-otter or bear head. The land-otter and bear head is placed at the sides of the tube with an anthropomorphic face that is set in the middle.

The helping entity is housed within the tool's center. The entity assists in performing various duties which are needed during the ceremony. The entity brings forth the power for healing techniques to be used when required. The land-otter is said to be the central power.

Designs that are on the amulet represent the ability to change shapes. The land-otter canoe is placed on the amulet and explains the ability to move between the realms. There are three realms which are observed. These realms are the air or god realm, the Earth Realm or the Human and Animal realm. The water or spirit realm is the last realm.

The tool is closed from both ends with shredded up cedar bark. This material is used to hold the lost spiritual essence. This practice is a method that is also needed to trap or cage a bad spirit that is pulled from a person. There are various designs that are used and worn as a necklace. The spiritual tool has different sizes and different lengths.

A shaman would describe dreaming as the spirit departing the body and entering into the spiritual realm. There will be problems if the spiritual energy will not be able to return to their body. If the entity does not come back by morning, the individual will get a chronic illness. To retrieve the human essence, the shaman will have to go to that realm to get the essence and place it back into the body.

When the spiritual energy exits the body and voyages into the spiritual realm, it is said to be dreaming. When the soul isn't able to come back from the spiritual realm and reconnect with the body, troubles will happen. When the human essence does not relocate back into the body by morning, then the individual will have chronic illness. Delay in entering the body can come from supernatural or interference issues. A voyage into the spirit realm is needed if the soul is to be saved. The spirit will be located and placed back into the body by means of the catcher and the shaman.

Soul Catchers are a tool that is used to help people that are sick. This tool is a method to draw out evil spirits from sick individuals. The device is placed around the neck and is used to help during the ritual. The necklace is made from various materials and can have different sizes. The catcher also contains the spirit that will aide the shaman in their tasks.

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