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Becoming a Global Domains International affiliate

By Russ Howe

One of the first things people ask upon joining Global Domains International is how to get started with their new home business. Actually, there are a number of things which you can do to get your GDI business off the ground almost immediately.

First of all, let's look at the options you have as a new GDI member.

* Your marketing system. It is important to use a simple GDI downline building system to get the most from your business.

* Your affiliate program. If you join Global Domains International the chances are you have already seen the huge income potential on offer. Making the most of this is very simple, as we will show.

* Your products and services. Not only do you receive the mountain of affiliate marketing know-how and tips in your GDI members area, but you also receive your own website address and this is where GDI gets really interesting as it opens up a new world of possibilities.

There are so many different methods to build an income via Global Domains International. Over the last four years we have built a great income with it's affiliate plan as well as using our GDI products to turn our hobby into a full time income.

The three rules above will help you to see what you have available to your as a GDI member and where you should be going from that point. Would you like to use your products to turn a hobby into an income stream? Would you like to focus on the affiliate plan? It's best to decide at the start.

View this the exact same way you would if you started your own business in the real world. Give yourself time, set a long term plan (two years) and a short term goal (six months) then begin working on 'making it happen'.

Global Domains International is so lucrative that it has been known to attract the 'wrong' type of affiliate from time to time. The type of person who believes that just because a business is online all they need to to is join and do nothing. The truth is, just like in the real world, if you really wish to become your own boss and make money online you need to work at your business. Online you have a far wider playing field which makes it incredibly easy to get results, however you still must be willing to push yourself or you won't see results.

Which brings us back to our first bullet point. Getting yourself a simple Global Domains International marketing system to make the most of the company affiliate plan. This certainly makes life easier for GDI affiliates and this is why we recommend doing it. Your system should include a pre-built capture page and autoresponder tools to allow you to generate leads and follow up on autopilot. GDI works best when it works for itself, so allow it to do so. Getting a system is the first rule of GDI success.

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