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What Is A Lucrative Affiliate Program

By Mitali Deypurkaystha

People who look to make money online will come across the phrase 'affiliate program' many times. It has become an increasingly popular way to earn cash in the form of commissions on products sold online. You, as an affiliate, get rewarded for every item you sell as 'the middle man'.

Starting up an internet marketing business is simple. Create a website or blog that contains articles about a certain niche. This niche can be about anything - surfing, beauty or music. Make sure that the niche adequately reflects the products you wish to sell.

You content must link to the product you aim to attract clients to. A successful affiliate site links customers to online goods who then purchase these items and inadvertently provide you, the marketer, a percentage of income on the sale. Good sites are rich in thoughtful, informative content. Solid content brings in a steady number of loyal visitors to your site, thereby affecting the number of sales you make.

There are two basic ways that affiliate programs work. The first is pay-per-click. The client visits your site, finds the product link, and clicks on it. One click equals a little bit of commission paid directly to you. As this process pays very little, it is vital that you work hard to bring in large numbers of clients.

Pay-per-action, on the other hand, tracks the activity of the customer after they have paid a visit to the site. You can attain a percentage commission according to what they buy online after the visit. Depending on what is sold, this can be a very profitable endeavour.

However, there is another money-earning method that is taking the internet marketing industry by storm. And that is Amazon. The famous online shopping company is now offering partners the chance to make cash on all Amazon products sold.

This has the potential to be one of the most safest and profitable web marketing endeavours around. This is because Amazon is a well-known and trusted brand, attracting millions of web shoppers per month. Statistics show that people spend the most money on Amazon than on any other site. What's more, Amazon are able to securely track an online visitor. This is incredibly important. Say one of your clients clicks on your link and visits Amazon but simply does not purchase there and then. As Amazon can track this visitor, even if they come back a month later, anything they buy is still associated to you and you earn a percentage of the total sales price. And remember, this is for ALL purchase, even items that you are not promoting. You get a percentage of the total sales price.

Commissions are from 4-10% depending on what you are promoting and volume of sales. This may seem low but bear in mind that, if you were selling your own products you would need to factor in upfront costs in buying merchandise, storage costs, courier costs........ Here you have none of these associated costs as Amazon do it all for you. You simply introduce the customer to Amazon. Amazon also reward you by paying you higher commissions per sale the more sales you actually make. And Amazon are also very generous as they will give you commission on products a visitor buys that you are not promoting. So, for example, say you are promoting an e-book and a visitor lands on the Amazon site after viewing your content. Even if this visitor then buys something entirely different from Amazon, you still get commission as Amazon recognises this visitor as someone who has come to them via you.

As an affiliate, you can apply widgets, banners, product links and other applications to your site to connect it to Amazon. You will also be provided with a report intermittently. This will help you get a better sense of what your clients want. In turn, you will be able to perfect your marketing savvy and attract greater numbers of the right types of customer.

So those are the important facts regarding affiliate programs today. From the looks of things, business with Amazon is bound to have the highest chances of success as you are tapping into the power of the world's biggest online retailer.

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