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Effective Strategy Of Protecting Your Business Against Theft

By Lucy P Delyan

When I established an office supply store, I thought I could do without having monitoring cameras installed. But, when supplies went missing, I understood I needed to do something. I did not want to put the blame on my staff without evidence, especially since the thief might have been a client.

To keep an eye on occurrences secretly within the store without the knowledge of my own personnel, I checked out the available hidden security cameras on the internet. These are unnoticeable sorts so nobody would believe of being monitored.

I came across a broad range of options which could be custom-designed to your specific needs. The first decision to make was whether to get a hardwired camera or a wireless camera.

One wireless option was for a normal, high-quality 2.4 GHz wireless security video camera system that sported a transmitter and an external receiver. This could send video footage for a distance of 1,000 feet, which is 3 times the distance of most wireless covert cameras available on the market currently.

The second wireless option was for a covert surveillance video camera equipped with a professional-quality, little security camera DVR. I read that it was discreet, compact, portable, user-friendly, and simple to set up. It featured motion-activated recording, scheduled recording and motion detection area masking.

I learned that motion-activated recording saves you the hassle of going through boring video footage in which nothing happens. With motion detection area masking, you are able to mask the lower portion of the camera's vision so it doesn't detect motion coming from household pets, that might set the motion sensor off.

When the video camera includes a built-in DVR, you can watch recordings by linking the camera to a TV or screen utilizing the free RCA cable or by inserting the free SD card (8GB cards, in what I saw) into the card reader on a computer.

From these different hidden security cameras, I found out that the first option could be put into an existing standalone or PC-based DVR system. The second type would not call for set up since it would come with its own recording system.

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