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SEO Web Hosting Services

By Deborah Izhmidth

If you want to make your web site rank at the beginning of search engine results, SEO web hosting might just be what you need and you will need the assistance of an effective SEO web hosting company in order to do this.

SEO is ideal for an organization who is involved with different businesses. A single host or server is set up and used to host multiple web sites that are distinguished through its sole identifiers, namely, host header name, IP address and TCP port number.

SEO web hosting is at all available with some web hosting companies. Some of the web hosting companies like GoDaddy and Hostgator, to name a few, does not permit you to use or have different IP addresses for all the web sites you own or maintain.

GoDaddy and Hostgator are hosting companies that merely offer shared web hosting. One disadvantage of shared web hosting is this, say for example a search engine detect that there are numerous web sites linking bank to your main web site and all of these web sites are utilizing the same IP address, chances are, the search engine will have your web site de-indexed which means that your web site's cached page will be removed from the search engine's archives, thus, decreasing your chances of ranking high on their search results limiting you online presence.

Meanwhile, when a search engine that the web sites linking back to you main web site are from different IP addresses then they will show to be of entirely different things. Did you know you can get as many IP addresses for all you web sites just for25 cents each? This is way cheaper than what is currently being advertised in the market place which is $1.99 up to $4.99 per IP address. So you can build as many web sites as you wish using different IP addresses at a very low cost. What is more, you can also build a group of back links as well.

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