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How To Make Daycare Facilities Safer For Kids

By Cletvis A Mattes

With plenty of cases of child abuse caught on video, it is simple to see why parents opt to sign their children up within daycare centers having CCTV video camera security systems. Putting in one is not a tiny investment but it is an added service which can save big money and lawsuits.

Exactly how does it achieve that? Initially, a security video camera enables the owner to watch his/her business and guard versus misbehaving workers - the teachers, clerks and other personnel. Next, it helps to safeguard your own business against unfounded claims or allegations.

And lastly, parents can sign in anytime and check out how their toddlers are faring.

As soon as I decided to set up a surveillance camera system in my daycare facility, I debated on what type of cameras to make use of. Infrared video cameras can see effectively in the dark, so having day/night cameras stationed in strategic spots ensures that I can see what is taking place inside my facility all day and night.

A high-resolution day/night color video camera with 540 TV lines as well as a wide-angle lens was ideal for the playground and the parking lot.

With 56 infrared LEDs, this surveillance camera can record approximately 150 feet away in the evening. It is water-resistant, which makes it great for outdoor use, but you can also make use of this indoors by altering the lens at the rear.

It is always the daycare administrator's responsibility to make sure the children are safe and that the business runs smoothly. To do that, it means taking the initiative to do whatever is needed within the law.

In the past year ever since I looked into spy camera security systems and installed one at my daycare, I have captured and terminated one teacher for tying a kid to his chair, reprimanded workers for sleeping as well as downloading non-school connected documents regularly, and disciplined two service staffers for taking home food from our storage. The good responses that I receive coming from the parents who are able to check out their children remotely reassures me that I have done the right thing.

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