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In Search Of The Most Efficient Email Direct Marketing Tool

By Casper Haastrup

An effective email direct marketing tool is capable of taking your online business to the next level. If you wish to be competitive in today's online market, you must be in a constant search for ways to surpass the competition. Here are helpful tips for finding the best marketing tools for online mail promotions.

Your mailing list application needs cost effectiveness, as this a major concern. Be careful when comparing the costs of software programs as some have more than one kind of fee. You may need to pay a general license fee or pay based on how many subscribers you have. Some plans charge based on the amount of newsletters you send out each month. Check all of these features when you add up the costs, so you can get an accurate comparison.

When you search for the best tool for your mailing list, make sure to choose an application that is easy to use. You should not have to buy a software program that requires a lot of technical knowledge or training. Some of the best applications are very easy to understand. Look for programs that offer the convenience of setup wizards. When you use a setup wizard feature you only have to input the information. The wizard will provide a direct means to finish your tasks quickly. You will have very little work to do.

When you are comparing email list programs select one that provides for more than one list. This way, you can have as many newsletters and special promotions as you like. Look for features like varied opt in form choices. You can find something that fits your products or services perfectly when you have many choices. This lets you send targeted messages to customers.

When shopping for a good email direct marketing tool, make sure you have newsletter templates. This makes your business mailings take on a professional appearance. A professional looking newsletter lets your subscribers know that you are a reliable company with experience and know-how. They are more likely to order from you, if they trust you.

Before you select your email program, check to see if all the main mail clients accept it. This is the only way you can be sure that your newsletters are getting into the in-boxes of your subscribers. The better applications allow you to use any type of HTML and still reach most of your subscribers.

If you want to make sure that your recipient receives your message, you must cover all of the bases. Make sure that your mailing program can send out messages in both HTML and plain text. Many mail clients do not accept HTML and they instantly reject or filter these messages. Sending in both formats increases your chances for success.

When searching for a good email direct marketing tool, check for programs that can track your newsletters. You can find out how many people are opening your messages and following links to your site. Also, check to see if you have an autoresponder that is easy to set up. You also may wish to have a split testing feature. This lets you send mail to certain members of your group, for testing purposes.

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