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Start Webmarketing And Rule The Internet!

By Frank Coy

I entered today's high-tech webmarketing world from a tradition of hammer-and-chisel problem solvers where I cut my teeth implementing tedious, painstaking models aimed at uncovering the root causes of such things as turnover, poor morale, poor quality production and overall low productivity where the cost of business far exceeded profits. Trust me, back in the day, doing this kind of work was like pulling teeth (without anesthesia!) to get qualified, experienced experts to admit that their problems may be more system-rooted rather than the result of any personal deficiency.

No matter what the reason or rationale, people back then generally took my communications, analysis and recommendations personally. They became defensive, even outright hostile toward my well-intended efforts at help them improve and succeed. In one case, a million-dollar annual income-earning partner left the firm in complete disgust! Are we having fun yet?

Fast forwarding to today, things appear to be so different now. High powered, light weight, hand-held computers, iPads and the like form the very fabric of our business and home life. Our world is now wrapped in a very complex web of globalized technology which has rendered the world as flat according to a leading industry expert. The internet is no longer a bad word. Virtually everyone everywhere in the world has a computer. With all these advances, however, the problems of poor productivity and outright failure in capturing new markets and building successful web-based businesses continue to dominate the mlm industry landscape. What's up with that?

MLM Industry experts today consistently report that as much as 97% of all online marketing agencies and individuals fail to make the mark. Both offline and online webmarketers utilize the very same practices and assumptions that got them into trouble in the first place. Why the insanity? Maybe Einstein said it best when he defined insanity as, "Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results."

Are we MLM and network marketers that thick-headed and stupid! I don't think so. What is abundantly clear, however, is that a high percentage of high-energy and motivated newbees to the industry continued to receive coaching from experienced webmarketing experts using outdated methods such as cold-calling, home and hotel meetings, high-powered motivational speakers and presenters and tons of worn out motivational cliches. It's time to get real. We may be dumb, but we're certainly not stupid! The solution is clear: What got us to here is no longer getting us to there!

Let's be honest, cold-calling, home and hotel meetings, flashy cars and lively personalities propped up with worn out motivational pitches and cliches are just not the ticket anymore. People are just not responding. Not to mention, it's expensive in today's economy. It's definitely time for change!

The time has come to swim away from the side of the pool and head out to the deep waters where vast opportunities silently await you. Webmarketing systems are now proven to attract rather than repel people right to your door . . . every minute, every hour, every day of the week! By incorporating dynamic marketing systems into your business plan, you can quickly and effectively achieve superior results, magnetically capturing endless leads and referrals, and almost effortlessly achieving results beyond your wildest expectations!

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