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A Collection New York Targeting the Ghostbusters

By Rob Sutter

The Ghostbusters have certainly raised the ire of many citizens of New York City, haven't they? While there have been supernatural claims to last for days within this condensed areas, there are still those who believe that the Ghostbusters themselves are responsible for everything terrible. I could believe that a collection agency New York would be able to target them in order to stake claim to money owed for damages done. Perhaps this dilemma would be greater than any ghost.

You should make note of the Ghostbusters as far as being a business that's self-run goes. These four men are directly involved in making certain that every aspect runs as well-oiled as possible. They don't have much in the way of insurance and the amount of money that comes in is not so large. This company still isn't well-known on a grand scale and a collection agency could be a potential challenge.

Walter Peck, a lawyer representing the Environmental Protection Agency, might be the one with the biggest chip on his shoulder when it comes to the Ghostbusters. He doesn't approve of their tactics and whether he's simply doing his job too well or is jealous of them is anyone's guess. The truth of the matter is that he never seems willing to do work with them in a respectful manner. After all of the headache that the Ghostbusters have caused, it's possible he could employ a company to collect debts for city damages.

It'd be wrong to make the claim that each collection agency New York is a bad entity to do business with. On the contrary, companies like R-R-S are able to perform the finest work imaginable that can service both the client and debtor. The Ghostbusters, though, may just find themselves thrown into the fire out of the frying pan and immoral companies could be able to target them due to their countless escapades fighting ghosts and the damages that might have been done to various venues. I believe that the Ghostbusters would need to pray for an even more powerful force to take hold of the city so that these four men could make their name better.

The Ghostbusters have already faced off against many terrible forces in the past. Take these names into account: Gozer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Vigo the Carpathian. These were all great forces that the Ghostbusters had to contend with but I'm not sure if a collection agency would bring about the same results. This is a business that must be treated with the utmost professionalism if a peaceful resolution is desired.

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