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Traffic Generation - Profit Boost for your Business

By Aaron Bennett

Although there are various ways for attracting free website traffic to earn cash online, it is not always a simple endeavor. This is more so for newbies who do not know where to go, but from experience, they'll quickly realize that search engines are what will make up nearly all of their free website traffic. It is feasible to pay for website traffic, but this can get very expensive, and it is dangerous if you aren't even sure your site or online business will convert well. So the thing you want to do is get organic web traffic through the popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. However, search engines will not just give you free traffic without doing work on your part. It is essential that the right quality content is posted to ensure higher search engine visibility to make money online.

As you may have heard, building backlinks is the secret sauce to get good rankings in the top search engines. However, you can't just get any backlinks because Google knows that many internet marketers build thousands of junk backlinks without much work. Google wants to see that you are active and engaged in your niche, and they want to see your produce quality content and useful information for its users. Google wants to provide useful, relevant, and up-to-date information to its search engine users in order for these users to also trust their sponsored ads.

Genuine backlinks are what will get your websites to rank at the top of Google, and they will certainly help them stay there for highly competitive keywords. One way to get backlinks that Google likes is to write articles like the one you are reading now. There are tons of article directories out there on the web that will let you submit your articles for free. An example of one of the most popular article directories is They are very strict on what content they accept, and that is why Google really likes them. They don't like overly promotional content, and they don't just let anyone write anything. Each article is proofread and has to go through a stringent approval process before it is accepted.

You can also use YouTube to promote your site to get human traffic. When your YouTube video becomes popular because it has good content, you can send those visitors to your money site with the link in the description. Not only will it bring targeted human traffic, it will also give you a high quality backlink. Google owns YouTube, and the backlinks you put in your video description is indexed very quickly. Google also places high value on these video backlinks.

If you don't have the time to write the hundreds of articles it takes to get enough backlinks to rank high in Google, you may want to check out the automated article submission services recommended below. All you have to do for each project is write one unique article and then spin it to turn it into hundreds of unique versions of the article. With the autopilot submission software, these many different articles are then submitted on autopilot over the course of days or weeks.

If you are going to use autopilot backlink building software, you want to make sure that it is high quality and that it is always updated to stay ahead of changing SEO trends. This is done by reading many reviews about the software and checking to see if they have any legitimate testimonials. If you decide to purchase the software, you want to make sure you careful review their training videos.

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